Been awhile..need TSX 400 carb

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Been awhile..need TSX 400 carb

Postby G. L. Grumpy » Mon Sep 06, 2021 9:42 pm

Wow, things diff here. Hardly get here with Facebook now days. Have a BF needing a TSX 400 carb if anyone wants to sell. Been working on Avery A and back to my BF again. Putting wide front and new frame rails under the BF narrow front. The A was all yellow and MM marked when I got it, but is a 48, so think was just a repaint or fella really wanted an MM. It's all Avery set-up.

Have a V too, yet not sure when getting into it. Won't be this summer or fall. I'm in Huntington, IN 46750
G. L. Grumpy
Huntington, IN

MM V Avery
MM BF Avery
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G. L. Grumpy
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Re: Been awhile..need TSX 400 carb

Postby Rich'sToys » Thu Sep 09, 2021 1:31 pm

Hey there, Grump!
Long time, no see! For some reason, this site gets very little traffic any more--not sure why. Guess a lot of people have moved over to the YT forums. Too bad, 'cause there's always lots of good info here. Can't help you with your carb. Hope you can find one.

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