MM Uni V4 distributor cap

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MM Uni V4 distributor cap

Postby bozrae » Wed Jan 12, 2022 8:17 am

Trying to find the correct distributor cap for an MM Uni tractor with the V4 206 engine. The original distributor cap was lost and while another Delco cap will fit, the firing order on the distributor cam lobes for the points are not spaced an equal 90 degrees all the way around. A normal distributor cap has the plug wire outlets spaced at an even 90 degrees apart. This was discovered when setting the valve lash. The pointer on the distributor only lined up correctly with the replacement cap in 2 locations when the piston was on top dead center during compression stroke. The only way I can see this working correctly is with a special distributor cap. Attached are some pictures taken from the MM service manual showing the distributor cam rotation angles and the part #’s for the distributor. If anyone may have the correct cap or any additional information, please let me know.
Thanks, Steve
The MM distributor part# is: 10B1989 and the Delco-Remy # is: 1111559

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