U Oil Filters

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Re: U Oil Filters

Postby John Grandfield » Tue Sep 22, 2009 6:31 pm

1172 isn't the correct filter for the U and G.
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John Grandfield
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Re: U Oil Filters

Postby 47_utu » Wed Sep 23, 2009 4:44 am

Your right, I went back through and read the post again. I wasn't even planning on changing the oil right now, just checked on the filters and I handed the guy a list of numbers from this post. They had the 1172, which I listed first so thats what he gave me. Thanks for clarifying.
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Re: U Oil Filters

Postby bills_ranch » Fri Oct 02, 2009 11:06 am

I am also searching for an oil filter for a model U (UTS). I see the Fram C152 listed on the internet, Ht 8.63"; I.D. .83"; O.D. 3.81". The description calls it a "fuel cartridge". Does any one know if this is ok as an oil filter? Can they be ordered?
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Re: U Oil Filters

Postby shinnery » Fri Oct 02, 2009 10:03 pm

The Fram C-152 is what i have in my UB. The local Auto Parts store sells Fram mainly and that is what they produce when I ask for a filter fo a UB Minne-Mo. I have not tried to buy one in over a year but I will bet they are gone also. I heard that there was only one company building cartridge filters in all colors.
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Re: U Oil Filters

Postby CharlieBiler » Sat Oct 03, 2009 12:01 pm

The description of most of those cartridge filters is normally a fuel filter. The hydraulic filters for the 335, 445 and others is listed as a diesel fuel filter. That is what they are used mostly for. All that counts is that the media will filter down to a certain micron level, it will tolerate the pressure differential of the fluid's viscosity, and it will pass so much volume per minute. A lot of construction fellows are currently real mad about the oil filter situation. The old 1115 NAPA filter was used as a fuel filter on a lot of the older transfer pumps. I have one fellow twisting on my ear to get the adapter made to replace them. This fellow has never seen a 335, 445, or any of the tractors that Moline used this filter on. He needs the adapter to convert his fuel pumps to a spin on filter. Right now he is just running his fuel transfer pumps without a filter.

Last week a fellow called me up because he needed a filter for his Chicago-Pneumatic air plant. He went to the local NAPA and there were no more #1111 Napa filters left for him. The store gave me as a contact and he came around to get a filter. I sold him two of my filter adapters. He needed one for the engine oil filter and one was used on the lube for the turbine section. The filter for the engine was a perfect duplicate of the old Moline setup. The difference was that his base had only two galleys, instead of three, and the word Pur-O-Lator was cast into the body. He never even saw a Moline tractor before. Now he is using #1791 Napa spin on filters and I planted a seed in his heart. He took a real strong liking to the look and feel of a UTU tractor. When he took mine for a little ride, I could see he was coming around to the dark side.

I would stop trying to chase the last few old stock filters and just convert over to a spin on. The C152 Fram number has been deleted from Fram's database and they have sworn to supply no more. Go to their website and type in those old numbers. It costs just $29.95 for a spin on adapter and then the price for a filter drops to $8.25 for a high volume spin on filter that has about the same dimensions as the old canister case. If the color of the filter bothers you; a little touch of spray paint makes it look close enough to pass for parade inspection. We all had better get used to the fact that cartridge filters are going away, for all applications. I bought up cases of the sizes I use, to have a personal lifetime supply. I even bought up the sizes to fit the Chevys and other applications I use. I was too late on the #10A7837 and #10P732 filters. When my order came in, the filters arrived in partial cases and some of the boxes looked like they sat on the shelf for thirty years. They even shipped in some filters from warehouses in Canada. The fellow that loaded up my order laughed about all of the WIX and NAPA distributors could wipe off the shelves, now that I had cleared them of all that antique trash.

The comical thing is that I personally prefer the spin on filters for engine oil. For me, they are more convenient and a lot cheaper. My NAPA jobber charges me three bucks for a #1061 spin on and I paid over six bucks for #1108 filters when I last bought them. They were $10.31 list when NAPA dropped them. Fortunately; the cartridge filters that are used in hydraulic applications are rarely changed and a few cases of them will last a lifetime for me. The ones that I can convert to spin on will probably be converted some day, even if I still have filters left to use. I just have to get a 'round tuit'.

Charlie Biler
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Re: U Oil Filters

Postby fuzzyswede » Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:24 pm

I was looking for 'U' filters and Googled 'Fram C152'. They appear to be available for $10.11 each from http://www.race-mart.com/items/products ... detail.htm I will order some and find out for sure.
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Re: U Oil Filters

Postby fuzzyswede » Thu Nov 04, 2010 10:14 pm

Just received an email reply to my Fram C152 order from Race-Mart. I emailed them back suggesting that they remove it from their catalog:

Fram has discontinued the C152 filter and there is no residual inventory. We have issued a refund.
Paul Fink
Race-Mart, Inc.
4313 Hollow Hill Drive
Tampa, FL 33624

I guess I will try to find some waste cotton and use it in my #BE3518 filter packs. They are really messy, probably do not do a good job of filtering and the mice really love the waste cotton if they find it. I still have one dated Fram C152 filter on hand.
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Re: U Oil Filters

Postby MMEd » Fri Nov 05, 2010 6:41 am

The Fram C152 are the old Sock Filters - I have a pair new if interested - got them from Rock Auto last week. I think they had 4 more in stock. Personally I would not use except for last resort.

Better solution is Welters Farm Supply - they now have new manufacture old style filters (hecho de Mexico) for $22 each - for either U/G or R/Z size. I have them, they look OK, but have not installed one yet.
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Re: U Oil Filters

Postby Ken Hicks » Tue Nov 09, 2010 9:42 pm

Also available from Welters is the 10a132 for U and UB diesel engines, and I believe this also fits some very early 800 engines. Does NOT fit UB Special diesel. I have one in my '53 UBU diesel. No issues. Ken
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