Coleman Axle Hub

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Coleman Axle Hub

Postby Jim Moberly » Sat Jun 15, 2019 11:29 am

Hello everyone, I have posted on YouTube three short videos that show assembling the Axle extension, Spindle and hub assembly of the American Coleman Axle on my G706. My YouTube channel is "MOPLUM" the key words to find the videos are simply Coleman or American Coleman. My channel only has these three videos so it should be just as easy to search my channel name: MOPLUM. I have read many questions about the Coleman axle so I thought while I am fixing mine I might be able to help someone else. Please subscribe and like my videos. It will encourage me to make more. Also leave comments. I will read them and hopefully get better at making videos from your input. These three are my first attempt.
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Re: Coleman Axle Hub

Postby G Brown » Sat Jun 15, 2019 6:27 pm

Coleman and Elwood originated as military application as you probably know. MM was first to apply to farm market. It did not sell well here in Canada. MM had to almost give away the FWA option to create a sale. I have dealer sales bulletins with serials from 60's and pricing. M604's couldn't be given away. Were still on dealer lots 3 years after production. Even G704 sales were awful. Now everyone wants a fwa. Never had any issues with our Coleman on Massey 97 except blowing a rim. Grease the crap out of them! M604 and G706/97 all same except driveshaft length. Know IH 806 Coleman not same. Never seen a axle with boots. Guess they were available.
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