Dimensions of later model brake pads

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Dimensions of later model brake pads

Postby DuaneKaufman » Sat Oct 12, 2019 8:49 am

Dear Forum Members,

I have an idea rolling around in my head based on a rear-end from a Constellation series tractor (335, 445, 5-Star and derivatives), that requires a mechanical link-up to drive the pinion shaft from the outside of the transmission case.
I do know what the overall geometry of the pinion drive and differential cage looks like (but not specific dimensions). I'd like to couple to the brake-pad end of the pinion shaft to drive it, but retain the braking system as well.
An image of the part I would want to drive is here:
(Image from: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-OEM-Minnea ... 9354!US!-1)

My question is, what is the diameter of the pinion shaft on the brake-spline end (say, on a 335), and do these part diameters get bigger with the bigger tractors (G1000)? If the parts change size, does anyone have dimensions of brake pads from a 335 and from a G1000 (both inner diameter and outer)?

I _do_ have a 335, which I could open up to measure, but I don't have a big tractor, like a G1000.

Appreciate the help,
Pinion shaft image
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