MM 335

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MM 335

Postby losteagle » Thu May 14, 2020 7:27 am

Just bought a MM 335. She's a runner, but needs some brake work. Do I need any special tools to tackle this. Also, the exhaust through the hood set-up concerns me. I drive through the woods and I can see it catching on overhanging branches. I notice the original set-up brings the muffler down close to the carburetor. I don't know if I like that arrangement either. Any suggestions?
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Re: MM 335

Postby Jim Moberly » Fri Dec 18, 2020 11:38 pm

I know you posted your question in May, and now it's late December. Better late than never. So for the brakes, no special tools needed, I have never found a new set of brake discs, so be kind to the ones we have. The exhaust is a good one. The exhaust ran down under the tractor is bad for dry straw, chaff, dust. But like you said the exhaust up is bad for orchards and bushes. So here is a thought. When I bought my 335 many years ago some one had ran the exhaust up through the hood and had the exhaust pipe bent 90 degrees so that the muffler lay forward parallel with the hood, and exhausted out to the front. It was not an original muffler, it was a short glass-pack to keep the end of the exhaust from sticking too far out in front. It looked strange, but it worked - until I bought it.
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