G1355 & G Propane Start Up Help

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G1355 & G Propane Start Up Help

Postby joejunior » Wed Sep 09, 2020 2:43 pm

We inherited a Model G1355 & Model G, both are propane models. They have been stored in a barn at the old family farm for several years. I live in Georgia but plan to visit Kansas again at the end of the month. (Both tractors will turn over)

I need advice on starting them up.

The propane tanks are low on fuel. Is there a way to start them on a propane grill bottle or do I need to have the propane supplier refill them?

I was told to start them on vapor and that the 1355 has a priming button on the regulator. Does the Model G regulator also have such a button?

Can gasoline or starting fluid be used for a primer?

Thank you.

Signed Newbie in Georgia.
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