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Postby Tony Turner » Thu Mar 01, 2007 9:01 am is an open community where we can freely engage in discussions of all things that deal with Minneapolis-Moline farm equipment and all the related companies that have been part of their history.

I welcome you to our community and hope you find the information useful. I also hope you are able to cultivate online friendships with some or all of the forum members -- but most of all have fun.

Minneapolis-Moline people are the best in the world. They will bend over backwards to help you and they know how to have a good time. No other group of tractor people I have been associated with are as friendly and knowledgeable without taking themselves to serious.

As Webmaster of this site I demand a high level of conduct from our members. I will not allow users to be rude or condescending to other members. I demand that we show respect and courtesy to each other regardless of our skill level or expertise. We have members that are new to this hobby that will require more help than others. I also believe that as a new member it is your responsibility to search through old post and read before asking a question that may have been answered dozens of times.

Your registration will have to be approved by one of our forum moderators or myself. Since none of us just sit around the computer waiting for a new user to sign up, it may take 24 hours before one of us gets around to approving you. Please don't give up on us... it will be worth it. We also approve your first few post to the forum just to make sure you're not someone trying to sell snake oil or porn. After a few post we'll take you off moderation and you can post anytime you want. I hate that it has to be like this but spammers and scammers have made it this way.

Have fun,
Tony Turner
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