Replacing pick up tires

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Replacing pick up tires

Postby steve » Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:23 am

it is time to replace the tires on my half ton 4x4 pick up and I am looking for input. I live in the midwest and need some decent winter traction ,but don't want the tires to "howl" on the highway. Hydroplaning tends to be my biggest driving concern and I really hope that the new tires will improve the wet weather experience. I am also not sure if I should put on light truck tires or or stick with passenger car rated tires, like the OEM tires. There is a big difference in price. I appreciate any and all of your ideas. I do pull a horse trailer about a thousand miles a year that weighs in at near 6000 loaded.Thanks
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Re: Replacing pick up tires

Postby kevin moschenrose » Fri Jul 23, 2010 1:19 pm

Hello fellow Illinoisan! Don't skimp on the tires any! As the commercial states "a lot is riding on those tires". O.E.M. tires on that truck is only good enough to drive in the best weather and no load and enough to get it off the show room floor. I am running 10 ply B.F. Goodrich tires on my F-250 but that is also the way I ordered it when it was new. The tread is a medium aggressive type that cleans out good when it comes to snow or mud. They don't howl either. I use to sell tires at one time. What you should do is also go to a good tire salesperson and tell him/her what you needs and wallet will with stand. If they are a good sells person they can match you up with just what you are looking for. That's my thoughts any way! 8)
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