Propane Chek-loc valve leak

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Propane Chek-loc valve leak

Postby jfmangan » Fri Aug 01, 2008 8:25 am

My chek-loc valve on my propane tank was leaking out the pin-hole of the cap when I arrived home the other day. The whole cap was covered in frost. A neighbor tighted the cap (about 1/32) of a turn and the leak stopped. When I called my propane company, they said that just tightening the cap was sufficient.

This has my wife greatly concerned. I would think that the valve should not leak under any circumstances and that if it is leaking, it should at least be inspected, if not replaced. To my knowledge, the valve has never been used since I purchased the tank in 2000. It has been hot lately ~100 F but if the pressure was getting too high, I would expect the pressure safety valve to be the one to vent.

Am I right to be concerned?
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