Stan Meyers and hydro power

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Stan Meyers and hydro power

Postby Matt Porter » Thu Sep 06, 2007 11:00 am

Has anyone heard of Stan Meyers? If you have not, do a search on him and listen to the two documentaries posted on him and his water powered car. I'm not a big conspiracy theorist and believe (foolishly, maybe) in the common goodness of mankind, but ...

I know that Hydrogen burns. We all know that. Reading posts in the MM tractor forum about metal restoration through electrolysis, you guys have done a little hydro-oxy seperation yourselves. According to Mr. Meyers, he can do it efficiently and virtuely cost free (more energy out of the conversion then is used). Now again, I'm no scientist, but that is supposed to be impossible. However, man is not supposed to fly, yada, yada. Meyers obtained patends for his process and tried to market them. According to him, his life was threatened by just about everyone from our government to governments of middle-eastern oil producing countries. I have to look at that and ask myself, what if someone threatened our whole economic structure, and soon the cost of energy was free. When you take that into consideration, it seems like it is no wonder that he is dead. But, is there any truth to his claims? Can you get that much hyrdogen fuel from water simply by manipulating the freqency of the electric current that you put into the process of electrolysis? Has anyone here ever messed with it other than to restore metal parts?

Just some thoughts, maybe he wasn't doing what he claimed he was but it sure sounded like he believed it. His arguements were very convincing.
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It works

Postby Tony Turner » Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:30 am

Hi Matt,
Take a look at this site I've built on of these hydrogen boosters (really oxy/hydrogen) and it's a marvel to watch work. I've not put it on a car yet (it's been way to hot to) but it's fun to blow-up balloons to the size of a golf ball and then touch a torch to them........ BANG!!!!! Loud like a big gun kind of loud out of a golfball size balloon. Can't wait to try it on a car.

Here is another design that I've built

Also, Check out The "OU" stands for Over Unity it dedicated to devices that produce more power than they consume which physics says can't happen........ physics have have to be rewritten.

I've also made a hydrogen generator from 4" PVC, fuel hose and drain cleaner. To start it producing you drop a couple of crushed pop cans down in the chamber, cap it off and drive away. Again, I've not put one on a car yet but this thing will make LOTS and LOTS of hydrogen. One crushed can produced hydrogen for 30 minites or so, it was really cool!! I'll try to find the web site for it and post it later.

As always, if you try any of this BE VERY CAREFUL!!! Everything you are working with is VERY explosive. USE YOUR HEAD AND DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID.

Tony T
Tony Turner

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Postby outlaw » Sat Sep 15, 2007 9:44 am

Years ago, Farm Show Magazine had stories on farmers running farm trucks on hydrogen. They put pond water into onboard tanks equipped with electrodes to produce hydrogen on the fly. These articles are still available as far as I know. Quite interesting and simple, too, from what I remember of it.
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