Who Killed the electric car?

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Who Killed the electric car?

Postby Tony Turner » Wed Sep 12, 2007 11:50 am

The answer to that question is GM and Chevron. GM sold the patent for the NiMH battery (the most cost effective form of power) to Texaco and before the sell was complete Chevron bought Texaco. So Chevron owns the rights to the NiMH battery and they won't allow ANY company to license the right to use it in an "all electric" car. An all electric car is a car that can be plugged into household power, recharge and driven without any need for any other fuel.

Toyota made a RAV4 EV that uses a NiMH battery pack but they were sued by Chevron and they are not allowed to make a replacement pack for those cars as a settlement to the case. They were allowed to pay Chevron 30 million dollars for the right to use a NiHM battery pack in their new hybrid cars as long as they did not make them where they could be Electric only and plug into household power.

So why does an oil company want the patent rights for the battery that everyone agrees is the best choice for an electric car............ You be the judge.

Here is a very interesting read http://www.ev1.org/
Please take the time to read the entire site, it's true and amazing. I never believed in a conspiracy theory either until I talked to a former owner of on of these cars. It will blow you away!!!

Check it out,
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