best way to filter WVO

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best way to filter WVO

Postby coco 4 `wvo » Sun Feb 24, 2008 10:35 pm

im new to this form and to wvo but i was told that filtering threw t shirts work t replace the mircon 5.. my question is the way im doing it seems to take forever to get the finished product. how i do it is i pump the wvo into 66 gall barrel. transport it to my home and then filter it threw a window screen first and then threw two sets of different t shirts to get the finished product. but this seems to be taking forever... does anybody know of a faster, cheap way to filter the wvo faster this this. if so please let me know thak peter.. or email me at plisonbee@hot :!:
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Postby Tony Turner » Tue Feb 26, 2008 9:38 am

Hi Peter,
When I bring a cubie of oil home I pour all of it into a 55 gallon drum. I have a heater that is made to thaw animal water supplies called a bucket heater. You can get one at a TSC store for about $35.


I drop it over in the oil and let it heat up. Heating will help to settle the solids to the bottom along with some of the water. Then I filter through filters I've made from the legs of old jeans. I make a circle out of metal rod about 6 inches round. I fold the jean material over the ring and sew it down. Picture a huge tube sock made out of denim with a 6 inch metal ring sewn in at the top.

I have cut a 5.5 inch hole in the lid of a 55 gallon drum so when I set the filter in the metal ring won't let the filter fall into the barrel. with the oil hot I pour it through the filter. There is no reason to get in any hurry. I just use a gallon dipper and dip from the top of my barrel. That way the bigger solids stay behind in the other tank. I know guys that put a cutoff valve in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket with a short hose on the cutoff valve. They pour oil in the bucket and put an airtight lid on it. Sit the bucket on the top of the 55 gallon drum with the hose down in the filter and open it up. It will fill the filter up to the hose and stop. as the oil goes down the bucket will get a gulp of air and fill the filter again (like a water cooler). This seems to work really well because you can leave it unattended and use more than one bucket. I think I'll build me a couple when the weather warms.

Anyway you cut it the oil takes a while to filter but the point is to trap as much crud as you can and a slow filtering will do that. The oil will be filtered as it's pumped into your tank anyway and it will already be thinned. The idea is to not plug the filters on your truck so fast. I use a household water filter before my golden rod filter and I should use two. I buy the 5 micron filters that come in a two pack for around $5, that's a lot cheaper than the filter on your truck.

Good luck,
Tony Turner

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